Golden Wholemeal Breadmix 2.4kg

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Golden Wholemeal Pre-mix is a 100% Whole Grain wholemeal made from grains naturally Biofortified with Selenium, containing whole wheat grains, ground wheat grains, and ground triticale grains.
Triticale, a unique grain derived from Rye, is included because of its nutritional advantages, and the fact that it confers a lovely golden crust and contributes to both aroma and flavour.
A nourishing wholegrain loaf, full of texture and flavour, with the benefits of Bio-Fort Selenium.


BREAD MIX INGREDIENTS: Unbleached Wheaten Flour, Wheaten Bran, Wheaten Pollard, Rolled Wheat, Gluten, Non Iodised Salt, Triticale Wholemeal, Emulsifier (E481), Malt Flour (Barley), Inactive Dry Yeast, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Enzymes, Rosemary Extract, Vitamin(Thiamine, Folic Acid).
YEAST SACHET:Dry Yeast, Emulsifier (E491)
All ingredients are from non-animal sources and are GMO Free.

Serving Size 80g
average quality per serving average quality per 100g
Energy 770 962
Protein 7.4 9.3
Fat 1.4 1.7
SaturatedFat 0.6 0.7
TransFat 0 0
Carbohydrate 32.7 40.8
Sugars 0.4 0.5
DietaryFibre 4.6 5.8
Sodium 289 361
Selenium 56 70

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