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Country Of Origin: New Zealand with both New Zealand and Imported Products


AvoSpa Hemp Balm uses a unique combination of Extra Virgin Avocado Oil & Extra Virgin Coconut
Oil as the carrier oils into which we blend 100 % Pure Organic Hemp Seed Oil . We then add
Natural Beeswax to bind the blend and add it’s unique properties that makes AvoSpa Hemp Balm a
truly amazing natural product .
AvoSpa Hemp Balm has been formulated to allow the unique properties of 100 % Pure Hemp Seed
Oil, to work in harmony with the EV Avocado Oil, EV Coconut Oil & Natural Beeswax to form a truly
awesome Skin Balm .
NOTE : AvoSpa Hemp Balm is not a medicine nor a cure for any medical conditions .


Hemp oil is widely incorporated in many skin care products and cosmeceuticals. In fact its become quite a trendy ingredient. Hemp oil is not just trendy but it can offer benefits to your skin.
This is the biggest and most verified benefit that hemp oil can deliver. Hemp oil is emollient and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple.
Antioxidant Qualities
Hemp seed oil is high in antioxidant constituents fatty acids like gamma linolinec acid(GLA) and vitamins A,C, and E. Antioxidant skin care products may help give your skin some protection against premature aging.
Anti Inflammatory
Hemp oil contains components that have anti inflammatory properties and current research suggests it may help relieve skin inflammation.
Potential Anti Bacterial Qualities
Studies also suggest Hemp oil has antibacterial qualities. What effect this has on the skin is still being looked at. Hemp oil, CBD oil and other cannabinoids are being studied as possible treatments for a vast array of skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, eczema,rosacea and skin cancer.


Ingredients. Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, unrefined Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil(Hemp Seed Oil), Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Natural Beeswax.

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