Good Pantry Hemp Seed Oil 250ml

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Product Code: 9421904827141

Country Of Origin: New Zealand


Good Pantry’s New Zealand grown Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil is a smooth and rich oil with a delicate, nutty flavour suited to a variety of uses. Carefully selected New Zealand grown Hemp Seeds are cold pressed with the utmost care to ensure maximum nutritional value, flavour and aroma. This unique oil naturally features a perfect balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids in a 3:1 ratio, making Hemp Seed Oil perfect for everyday diet choices. Eat good, do good.


Hemp Seed Oil works great as a salad dressing, in pestos, dips, with pasta, in smoothies, even ‘taken’ straight from the spoon – it is really delicious! While it is a very versatile oil – it should not be used to fry though due to its low smoking point.

It can be used as a natural moisturiser, beard oil and can be used to treat dry hair.


Ingredients hemp Seed Oil (100%)



Serving Size 15ml
average quality per serving average quality per 100g
Energy 555 3996
Protein 0 0
Fat 14 100
SaturatedFat 1.5 10
TransFat 0 0
MonounsaturatedFat 1.6 12
PolyunsaturatedFat 10.8 78
Carbohydrate 0 0
Sugars 0 0
Sodium 0 0
Omega3 2.8 20
Omega6 7.6 55

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