Six easy ways to start your zero waste journey

Number One

Shop at places like Bin Inn where you can fill your own jars/containers. Which will greatly reduce unwanted packaging plus means you're only buying what you need.

At Taranaki Bin Inn Waitara you will get a 5% Discount on any of your own jars/containers you fill.  



Number Two

Carry and use your own coffee cup. There a lots of great brands out there. Opting for brands like KeepCup that have been designed to sit under the espresso machine, making it easier and less wasteful for your barista to make your morning coffee. This is a great step into thinking about other single use plastics that you may use everyday, like straws!


Number Three

Bring your own cloth bag to the Bin Inn, supermarket and any shop actually. By using a cloth bag instead of plastic or paper you're stopping a large amount of waste ending up in landfill and waterways, plus saving resources being used to produce these things.


Number Four

When it comes to the kitchen there are many swaps and changes that can be made, changing to bamboo handled brushes with changeable ends, using cotton dish cloths - theres some great crocheted option out there, because of there texture they're perfect for scrubbing.

Now let's talk about left overs, we're not saying throw out all your plastic containers, keep using them but also start thinking about using jars instead of storing leftover food. Bonus they don't get stained when you put spag bol or curry in them and don't have plastic leaching into your food.

Plus look into starting a compost bin for your food scraps.


Number Five

Changing your regular toothbrush to a bamboo handled one, and taking it to the next step by either making your own toothpaste or tooth tabs. 


Number Six

Look into health and beauty alternatives that are 'naked' like shampoo and conditioners. Ethique is a great New Zealand made brand that is all about giving up the (plastic) bottle. And its not only great for the environment - it's great for your hair and body too.