Cockatiel Seed Tui

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$9.00 - $64.00


Cockatiels are popular pets due to their inquisitive, friendly and playful nature. They are intelligent and adaptable birds. The cockatiel's native habitat has made them well suited as pets. They are hardy, adapt easily to change and can be left alone for long periods of time.

Contains a high quality blend of: Hulled Oats, Sunflower, White Millet, Hungarian Millet, Barley, Wheat, Rape Seed, Kibbled Corn, Safflower, and Fodder Radish.


Directions for use
Feed free choice in a suitable feed container.
Change left over food daily.
Make sure feeding utensils are clean and sterile.
Keep fresh clean water available at all times.

Serving Size 0g
average quality per serving average quality per 100g

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